Solar Program Helps Homeowners Save 1000's in Electricity Costs


Do NOT pay your next power bill until you read this...

Jackie Stewart is a waitress for a little café in Nashville and is barely making ends meet. Living away from her hometown came with added financial stress and with a low paying job, she had unpaid bills piling up.

“I was struggling with my finances and the bills were piling up. I decided to not pay my electricity bill and live in the dark for the month since eating seemed more important to me. I was desperate to find any discount or saving scheme that could help me pay my bills. And then a friend suggested me to switch to solar power and save money on electricity. ”

Jackie was happy to try anything if it could keep her from living without electricity.

While researching about solar power on the internet, she came across one of the most trusted service to help customers save on electricity bills. Jackie’s one decision to go green ended up saving her over $1000 and she didn’t even have to stay in the dark!

Just like Jackie, you can also go solar and save thousands of dollars in electricity bills each year.

How Do Solar Programs Work?

How Do Solar Programs Work? Solar panels are much cheaper today than they were 10 years ago, which means millions of homeowners that could not previously afford to do so are switching to solar. Homeowners that qualify for this new program no longer have to buy solar panels. With rebates being as high as they are, homeowners are able to drastically reduce their power bill without dealing with the upfront costs of installing solar panels. Now, one of the nation’s largest solar power providers is signing up a new solar panel customer every 5 minutes because of this incentive program.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

Solar panels are much cheaper today than 10 years ago. And with the new incentive program, the average American can now install solar with a very minimal cost and start saving money immediately.

The solar program is rolled out in specific areas for now. You can check your zip code in the link provided above. Or you can click here to check if you qualify >> »

There is a link provided above named “Calculate your new bill” where you can calculate how much money you would be able to save off your electric bill.

Many states have rolled out the program where the home owner will have to pay a minimal cost and can start saving money immediately. However, in some states the rebates are lower and there will be some cost incurred.

The program can be used at least through 2021 but it drfiveops from 26% to 22% on June. 10, 2021.. However, it is advisable to utilize the program as soon as possible.

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